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Reply to "Ideal reparations."

Ha! Ha! Ha!

Opportune because your STRAW MAN ASS need some relief, huh??

Next time just accept the fact that you don't have a clue and stay away from the fallacy that:
Lack Of Evidence (at times opportune for you) is Evidence Of Lack.

Now, after your punk ass has sweated my Prolifics, now you want to whine about my Thoroughness.

You are your own worst enema.
And, yes! It takes me a while to collect my thoughts in order to do justice to something of this magnitude but none of what I said represents something I just thought off.

Frankly, it's shit like this that, IMO, doesn't say shit:

I think that more funding should be appropriated into improving the in and around the city limits of predominately black cities in America--more affordable housing, better public transportation systems, and signing bonuses to attract new teachers in inner city school systems.
I guess those are some very ORIGINAL and hightech ideas or something, in your book... Well, to each his little, short and non-descript and unoriginal own! Wink

You should take some responsibility though... If your SCARED self-confessed HOUSE Negro ass wasn't using so many STRAW MEN that I had to call your ass on we could have long since had a more productive and quick debate/discussion/dialogue.

But you, because your little feelings get so hurt so quick you wanted to go the long route. The problem is, you constantly keep changing directions. You've gone to other forums begging me to lay something out for you (to take the heat off of you) now you want to say it's too late when you were just begging for it.

Too funny!!

Dude, it just doesn't follow... When I make the critiques I do of what you say then that means my thoughts are very fuckin' collected, very fuckin' focused and very fuckin' purposeful.

quote: doesn't take cussing somebody out for several pages while you're collecting your thoughts either.
SHUT THE FUCK UP! (I repeat that enough times to turn a new page.)

When you learn not to Insult My Intelligence with STRAW MEN and your other assorted silly tactics then I'll be formally "civil". But when you Curse me by way of being blatantly dishonest with what you say then you deserve every cursing I can give you.

You had a choice. Instead of acting like a little bitch when someone (I) disagreed with you... you could have dealt honestly with what was being said and maturely. Instead you acted like a Scorn Lover Brat Hooker Bitch!

You know I'm your PIMP!! tfro