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Reply to "Ideal reparations."

I'm about to put an end to your pointless rantings too, HomoStar. First of all, what the hell is this:

Who funds stabilization? HERU

What the hell did you think this whole discussion was created about, you door nob? REPARATIONS, what to do with REPARATIONS

YOUR'E a RETARD if you can't see that blatant CONTRAICTION!!!

I don't know what the fuck a 'contraiction' is--I looked all over the dictionary and couldn't find it, however, I do know what a contradiction is. The title of this discussion, which I created, is "Ideal Reparations," not, "What HeruStar want's to believe," not "What Nmaginate thinks," but what I think ideal reparations is to be. How could I contradict my own forum?

You, HomoStar, haven't presented any ideas to me, only your disapproval of mine. Like I said before, HomoStar, you're so busy trying to impress people by writing 36 inch long discussions on GARBAGE, so MBM can pat you on the ass, you don't have the capability to just say what you want to say without being superfluously boring.

My views or my people are way more representative than yours. You need to stay out of those White Power sites.--HomoStar

Oh, okay, naive boy. You haven't conducted one formal sample research of the various black demographics, you haven't taught one course on social wellness on one single college campus but you think your casual observations of some bums in your ghetto ass neighborhood is supposed to be a professional statistical analysis of the entire populous of the United States of America's black population? This is yet another reason why you ain't worth a shit to debate with.

Here's yet another reason why you're a worthless piece of shit for debating, HomoStar:

You do know that what you believe in those terms invariably has an effect -- a biased effect -- on what you have to say here. In other words, it should come as no surprise that your thoughts here are LIMITED, shaped and restricted by your ultimate beliefs. (Talk about COP OUTs!) Not only your belief in terms of "Will Reparations Happen" but also your beliefs in the ability of Black people to manage Reparations when accorded show confined range and scope of your views.

Those are your inherently problematic BIASES.
BELIEF IN CAUSE and BELIEF IN THE PEOPLE are primary. You have failed on both accounts. Deal with your issues


Oh, will you PLEASE do me a favor--shut the fuck up, and take Nmurinate's DICK out of your mouth while you're at it, HomoStar?

Why you think you need help to debate when you write those long-winded, boring ass, rigid discussions of your own, is beyond me, nevertheless, it proves that you are a punk ass water head, because you think somebody else 'schooled' me which means you don't have the capicity to do so yourelf.

Which reminds me, your ego is still so damaged, I bet you haven't taken one second to observe the link I made on John McWhorter. Don't say anything about it now because you fucked up and chose to take the nigger route instead of the intellectual route--bravo, idiot.

You may as well get Vox, AudioGuy, Blaqfist a.k.a. "LadyFinger," LimDem, Oshun and any other clown in your flunky stable--you and Nmurinate sure as hell are coming up short.