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Reply to "Ideal reparations."

What one fails to realize is that AUTONOMY is neccessary.

Dr. Martin Luther King and Thurgood would never have suggested taking an economic back seat. They spoke of not only subsisting, but thriving in this economy as equals.

Iron, How will we fund stabilization?

Secondly, social wellness centers need to be created and placed in predominantly black areas--give the lower class a fighting chance. These centers would have social workers, legal aide, job placement services, affordable daycare and evening care for single mothers, affordable medical care with the use of students in their residency, as well as other social services that would be provided through participating churches, and hospitals.

This center would also have internship programs for college students, particularly, for students in the field of education, medicine, psyhology, and social work. Participating colleges and universities could revamp curriculum to require one or two semesters of intership in these centers.

I can dig that.

Having your taxes waived is the same as being given money--most black people will still spend that money and bring themselves back to square one or worse because they would grow more impulsive with their spending--thinking they have a little more disposible income when, in reality, they still have the same debt as before.

As far as restoring the right to vote to felons--bad idea. First of all, voting was the last thing on most of these felons minds or they wouldn't have gotten thrown in prison to begin with. If you want to restore voting priveledges to felons then what would be the point of taking their voting priviledges from them to begin with

Frown Come on man.

You should have definitely put more thought into those considerations, before blurting out underdevoloped statements like this.

First of all, to which connotative or colloquial perception of Black are you referring?

I certainly know many blacks that invest and save. I know many blacks that study and work hard to be assets to their community, and society. I grew up in the projects, and I can personally attest that the people I grew up with are not representative of the Whole. I can also assure you that, had they had just the smallest seed of hope of obtaining something worth saving for, they would save every penny they had. But in the hood, we are not educated about the opportunities they are readily (yeah right) available to us.

Now Iron, I'm sure you've noticed that I've ignored many of your childish rantings and challenges. Reason being, I'm confident that in person you'd definitely show some respect. This illusion of 'I WIN' you have is amusing. Anyhow, I like some of your ideas. What I don't like is some of the disparaging remarks about our people that you spew out.

The only response that's warranted is an answer to the question.

Who funds this stabilization that you speak of?

Any other response will probably go ignored, especially the 'I WIN' 'YOU LOSE' remarks. This isn't a game.