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Reply to "Ideal reparations."

Originally posted by IRONHORSE:
..and another thing, Nmurinate, the mere fact that you have posted over 4283 discussions, you have a master of the universe rating, yet you haven't learned one damn thing in interacting with all of these other people is ridiculous..

You must be White. Only someone WHITE (or just stupid) would be worried about how much I post.... when they get "tired" of me showing them their EVERY CONTRADICTION.

Tell me... How WISE are you? bump

You know there's one way to stop me from highlighting your CONTRADICTIONS. Don't you?
Simply stop CONTRADICTING yourself... and don't Sweat The Prolifics. It only shows how you can't deal head on with the subject matter.

But keep reaching for all manner of Off-Topic stuff. Maybe one day you'll convince yourself of what you say. Sorry ass punk!

sad "You post 4000 + times. That don't mean nothing." sad

Obviously it must mean something to you and you must feel intimidated or something because you're the only dumbass focusing on silly shit like that.

Question: How salty are my balls?
You keep licking them... Homo Deflectus!

Where do you get these Romper Room tactics?
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