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Reply to "Ideal reparations."

The only contradiction is you, Nmurinate, because first you said you wanted to achieve independence from racist institutions, now you want to say blacks should be placed in these racist institutions.
Nah!! That's your broke ass! I told you about PROCESS.

And again, I'll have to Treat Like A Prostitute... I mean "White Boy" and challenge you to QUOTE ME or STROKE ME!

Where did I say "blacks should be placed in these racist institutions"?
"Should be" as in a matter of preference.
"Should be" as in a matter that's the Sum Total of what I've said.
"Should be" as in I've said nothing else but that.

Dude, you got to come better than that.

How can you become independent from the very racist institutions you claim you want to insert socially conscious black people in--which was my idea to begin with?
Never made such a claim. You did.

Quote where I said I WANT TO INSERT socially conscious people in such "racist institutions" as a Matter of Preference, as the basis of my argument. YOU CAN'T and you only perpetuate your weakness by being so DISHONEST. STUPID ASS!!

There is no way you can ask such stupid question by this very statement that explodes your stupidity without question:
While on the way to "Infiltrate" the system "these racist institution"... too many African Americans have simply replicated or been used to replicate the same things the system was putting out when they entered them. Part of that being because it was [those] very "Racist System" that trained them [in the first place]...

Well, one thing you don't get taught by your "enemy" is how to defeat him and when you leave it for your enemy to educate you and yours... suffice it to say your everyday training won't be one that prepares you for combat in every theatre on all terrain.

This is just delusional thinking... As if "these racist institutions" are producing Socially Conscious Blacks. That runs counter to SYSTEM SURVIVAL, IronHorse. It is counterintuitive and just plain DELUSIONAL.
Where is the "I WANT TO INSERT" clause at IronHorse?

While you're trying to confuse yourself, for whatever you're trying to interpret as me saying "I WANT TO INSERT"... first understand A MEANS TO AN END. The problem with your idea is that your ideas Begin & End with STAYING WITHIN THE SYSTEM. Which is, again, frankly DELUSIONAL for what you claim and CONTRADICTORY with respect to that WISE Statement.

You and your Delusional Fantasies of INFILTRATION.

I know a very wise statement, too. It says beware of the company you keep (or seek). In any such company/arrangement, there will be those Push or Pull the direction of the group and those who are Pushed or Pulled. Review this:

  • ...too many African Americans have simply replicated or been use to replicate the same things the system was putting out when they entered them.

  • Perhaps [the effect or impact from the RACIST INSTITUTIONS] can be mitigated by a few socially conscious persons (amongst a sea of people who aren't...)
  • Tongue In Cheek, you dumbass!!

    Your Socially Conscious & Infiltration Theory was throughly DEBUNKED! You've pre-complicated it in your Supporting Black Leaders thread where you more or less admitted that Colin Powell and Condi Rice via their policy positions should be respected on GP. So much for the INFILTRATION.

    Dumbass!! Do you really think Socially Conscious people will have controlling influence in "these racist institutions"?

    How come Colin, Condi, Clarence, ETC. haven't hatched the Infiltration Plan or done anything to Change Those Racist Institutions?

    As I say to the "White Boys"... YOU ARE YOUR OWN WORST ENEMA!! laugh