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Reply to "Ideal reparations."

Let me re-emphasize the ignorant ambiguity in your train of thought...
THere is no AMBIGUITY in what I said. And you have not shown it. lol...

Try quoting some WISE statement that doesn't CONTRADICT your thesis. Now that's something akin to AMBIGUITY. You know, it's like you are confused. It must be that Big House air of something because I could swear you never approached the wisdom in the very damn quote you listed.

Don't get mad at me because you hate yourself so much that you CONTRADICT yourself in the same damn post. And to top it off, you claim there's "ambiguity" in my posts (because your feelings are hurt by your own obvious CONTRADICTIONS) but you can't point out what's ambiguous.

Seriously, we all know what INSTITUTIONS are. From Banking & Financial institutions to educational institutions and other community & social/civic institutions there is nothing unclear about what institutions are. No real need for specifics because we need ever manner of institutions of our own. So ALL OF THE ABOVE is the answer and there's nothing new under sun. So the things you claim to be your own ideas... PLEASE... Heard all that stuff before without variation. Yours is verbatim.

So it's really no sweat off my brow to actually be ACCURATE when I talk about REPARATIONS instead of saying something patently fallacious and giving credit to other people who have already spoken on this issue.

As the saying goes NO NEED TO REINVENT THE WHEEL... You really should follow that and kill the Knee-Jerk juvenilism. OWN YOUR CONTRADICTION and move the fuck on!