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Reply to "Ideal reparations."

EbonyRose was right, Nmaginate--you do suffer from hallucinosis. I am thouroughly convinced that you want to act like a vendictive, spiteful ex girlfriend because I clowned you and made you look like a fool in front of your rude, pretentious, arrogant, conceited friends. You aren't worth debating with because you compulsively seek to insult instead of offer any ideas, which is blatant in this quote:

To work towards SELF-SUFFICIENCY (oh, that bad word!) and INDEPENDENCE from "these racist institutions" BY BUILD OUR OWN INSTITUTIONS that lessen our need to be overly exposed to "these racist institutions" by definition Changes The Dynamics and speaks directly about Fishing In Your Own Pond. --Nmaginate

Okay, so you want to build your own institution--WHAT IN THE HELL IS YOUR IDEA FOR OUR OWN INSTITUTION? What is it, fool?

I've already presented my idea of what type of institution we need to start with in predominantly black areas of people of low socio-economic status, so what is your idea? No, I don't want to see some link to somebody elses idea, I want to know your idea.

Let me re-emphasize the ignorant ambiguity in your train of thought:

To work towards SELF-SUFFICIENCY (oh, that bad word!) and INDEPENDENCE from "these racist institutions" BY BUILD OUR OWN INSTITUTIONS --Nmaginate

This is why you're not worth a damn for debating with: you make generalized statements but you don't explain your ideas with concrete examples, yet your ignorant ass is busy throwing insults my way. Since you don't have the common sense to interact with me without being slanderous, I'm just going to have to pick your worthless argument apart, piece by piece.

it was the very "Racist System" that trained them that they deluded themselves into thinking they would "infiltrate" and change. --Nmaginate

So, what you're saying, Nmaginate, is that Thurgood Marshall was wrong for single-handedly ending Jim Crow Laws, and talking President Johnson into relieving General Mcarthur from duty in order to desegregate the U.S. Army. So, what you're saying is Martin Luther King was wrong for leading the civil rights movement. Both of these men wanted desegregation.

Instead of wanting to increase the numbers of, as well as, improve the state and of already existing black schools, they chose, instead, to want to desegregate the white schools. They weren't running away from racist institutions, they were wanting to get inside these racist institutions but, by your definition, their thoughts was 'twisted and counterintutive.'

Well, one thing you don't get taught by your "enemy" is how to defeat him and when you leave it for your enemy to educate you and yours... suffice it to say your everyday training won't be one that prepares you for combat in every theatre on all terrain. --Nmaginate

This is another ignorant statement. While being educated in these 'racist institutions' especially when a person is at the collegiate level, it is up to the black student to educate themselves from an afrocultural perspective, if the college or university they're attending doesn't offer it in their curriculum or if they haven't recieved this informal afrocultural exposure along the way through elementary, middle school, and high schools. It's the same thing I've done--supplement my white dominated education with afrocultural courses and outside reading in libraries, and visiting black museums and archival institutions.

I made the choice to take what I learned from my so-called 'enemies' and use what I've learned to make myself more marketable as well as a more effective and employable individual--taking what I've learned from an afrocentric point of view and a caucasian point of view to increase the effectiveness of my skill in my profession.

It's the same thing what the majority of foreign college students around the world do when they educate themselves in America--they take what they have learned from better equipped institutions of higher learning and take the skills they've learned back to their homeland to better their own civilizations. Many of these foreigners hate America and most American citizens but they want that education from 'racist institutions' bad enough to come overseas to educate themselves.

So, the objective is to change the dynamics. If not completely change these "racist institutions" then, of course, the goal is to eliminate or lessen the effect of them. Perhaps that can be mitigated by a few socially conscious persons (amongst a sea of people who aren't... as conscious)... --Nmaginate

*slapping my head* See, this is also another reason why you're a worthless debator--you don't read the argument of the person that you're debating with. I already said socially conscious blacks should be placed in these 'racist institutions.'

Your suggestion about "INVESTING IN RACIST INSTITUTIONS" hardly deals with how to TAKE CONTROL of our Consumer Power.

Once again, idiot, not only have I given various ideas on stablizing the afro-economic base, you haven't given one damn idea of your own on how to take control of consumer power.

Building a Network Of Institutions that do, organically, is the only way. So, if anything, the approach to investing would be, IMO, to target certain businesses with an intent to become primary stockholders or better yet a network of businesses that can or do serve the various needs of our community. A Reverse Boycott principle...--Nmaginate

What? WHAT? What network of businesses? What kind of businesses? If this is your idea of establishing consumer power, you're dumber than I thought. I assure you, idiot, that any existing black owned businesses won't just up and join hands across America just because you want them to--not without having some kind of proof that it would be worth their time.

Once again, dufus, you put the cart before the horse--how the hell do you propose that we, as a people, take consumer control without learning how to take control of their own lives first? As I said before with establishing social wellness centers in predominantly black, lower socio-economic areas, the wellness centers would address the needs of these people so that they may get on the road of becoming economically viable.

You present these generalized end process ideas without discussing how we, as a people, are supposed to get to the point of the end process.
You're a waste of time, Nmaginate, and you love to argue because you're upset that you have no real solutions or ideas.
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