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Reply to "Ideal reparations."

I've already stated, more than once, what should be done with reparations but more importantly, we need to get back to the business of picking up where Martin Luther King Jr., and Thurgood Marshall left off--instead of achieving 'independence and self-sufficiency from racist institutions,' we need to implement strategies that will infultrate these 'racist institutions' and place more socially conscious blacks in these racist institutions.
Twisted, sad and counterintutive thinking.

What has been the overall result of this "Working Within The System", "Infiltrate The System" strategy?

Seriously, you talk about Black people who are "LOST"... While on the way to "Infiltrate" the system, "these racist institution"... too many African Americans have simply replicated or been use to replicate the same things the system was putting out when they entered them. Part of that being because it was the very "Racist System" that trained them that they deluded themselves into thinking they would "infiltrate" and change.

Well, one thing you don't get taught by your "enemy" is how to defeat him and when you leave it for your enemy to educate you and yours... suffice it to say your everyday training won't be one that prepares you for combat in every theatre on all terrain.

(Note: You used the word "infiltrate". You don't "infiltrate" the fortress of a friend...)

This is just delusional thinking. The "Infiltration" idea. As if "these racist institutions" are producing Socially Conscious Blacks. That runs counter to SYSTEM SURVIVAL, IronHorse. It is counterintuitive and just plain DELUSIONAL.

So, the objective is to change the dynamics. If not completely change these "racist institutions" then, of course, the goal is to eliminate or lessen the effect of them. Perhaps that can be mitigated by a few socially conscious persons (amongst a sea of people who aren't... as conscious)... But to EITHER OR this instead of BOTH AND this really only shows the stupidity of your ideology.

To work towards SELF-SUFFICIENCY (oh, that bad word!) and INDEPENDENCE from "these racist institutions" BY BUILD OUR OWN INSTITUTIONS that lessen our need to be overly exposed to "these racist institutions" by definition Changes The Dynamics and speaks directly about Fishing In Your Own Pond.

"Instead of giving a man fish, you can teach him how to fish, however, what good does it do to know how to fish if the lake you're fishing in doesn't belong to you?"

You are so confused...
Why do you contradict yourself so readily?
So easily?

To your "Infiltration" Fantasies... your Delusions: WHAT GOOD DOES IT DO?

Maybe you ought to get an understanding of the WISE statements you cite before Speaking Ignorance So Fluently from your fundamentally flawed ideology. Flawed because it runs counter to the very point of your WISE statement.

It's ideas like what I've mentioned that would not only solve the many socio-economic issues blacks are facing today, it would, thereby, create the independence and self-sufficienct base needed, and ensure stability after the reparations is enacted.
Your suggestion about "INVESTING IN RACIST INSTITUTIONS" hardly deals with how to TAKE CONTROL of our Consumer Power. Such CONTROL requires, as the WISE STATEMENT suggested, that we have Our Own Pond/Lake.

Please note: A Lake is a whole network, a whole ecosystem unto itself. It is a system or institution that supports all manner of life in it by the very networks or food chains with in it.

So, "investing in racist institutions" is in no wise to acquistion of Our Own Pond. And to that idea of yours, I ask again: WHAT GOOD DOES IT DO?

Seriously, merely INVESTING... (not saying that shouldn't be done... I'm saying more should be) does little in terms of setting up an ECOSYSTEM, so to speak, whereby Black Dollars Are Recycled IN THE BLACK COMMUNITY. Yes, investing will yield a higher return but that's nowhere close to RECYCLING...

Building a Network Of Institutions that do, organically, is the only way. So, if anything, the approach to investing would be, IMO, to target certain businesses with an intent to become primary stockholders or better yet a network of businesses that can or do serve the various needs of our community. A Reverse Boycott principle...