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Reply to "Ideal reparations."

My list of what reparations must include.

1. 100 years of income tax exemption.

2a. 1 time get out of jail free cards.

2b. Re-instatement of voting privileges for felons. --Blaqfist

If this is the best you can do, no wonder so many black people are lost. I wonder why when then subject of reparations comes up, some black people are always looking to be given something instead of trying to figure out how to take control of their lives.

A wise man once said, "Instead of giving a man fish, you can teach him how to fish, however, what good does it do to know how to fish if the lake you're fishing in doesn't belong to you?"

Having your taxes waived is the same as being given money--most black people will still spend that money and bring themselves back to square one or worse because they would grow more impulsive with their spending--thinking they have a little more disposible income when, in reality, they still have the same debt as before.

As far as restoring the right to vote to felons--bad idea. First of all, voting was the last thing on most of these felons minds or they wouldn't have gotten thrown in prison to begin with. If you want to restore voting priveledges to felons then what would be the point of taking their voting priviledges from them to begin with?

As we have already seen in the last election, we know what can happen to convicted felons when they are in the process of having their voting priviledges re-instated. In Florida, even though hundreds of felons were so-called re-instated, they couldn't vote and the answer still isn't clear as to why hundreds of felons couldn't vote in the sunshine state.

I've already stated, more than once, what should be done with reparations but more importantly, we need to get back to the business of picking up where Martin Luther King Jr., and Thurgood Marshall left off--instead of achieving 'independence and self-sufficiency from racist institutions,' we need to implement strategies that will infultrate these 'racist institutions' and place more socially conscious blacks in these racist institutions.

Secondly, social wellness centers need to be created and placed in predominantly black areas--give the lower class a fighting chance. These centers would have social workers, legal aide, job placement services, affordable daycare and evening care for single mothers, affordable medical care with the use of students in their residency, as well as other social services that would be provided through participating churches, and hospitals.

This center would also have internship programs for college students, particularly, for students in the field of education, medicine, psyhology, and social work. Participating colleges and universities could revamp curriculum to require one or two semesters of intership in these centers.

Another factor we, as a people, have to confront is how to take control of the over 700 billion dollars we spend a year, consuming the products of these racist institutions like Nautica, Nike, Timberland, Tommy Hilfiger, not to mention a myriad of other corporations. At the very least, blacks could be educated on how to invest in the racist institutions they purchase numerous products from. For example, instead of paying 150 to 250 dollars on every new pair of shoes Nike comes out with, invest that money in Nike, and use the returns to pay for shoes instead of having to come out of your pocket for every purchase.

It's ideas like what I've mentioned that would not only solve the many socio-economic issues blacks are facing today, it would, thereby, create the independence and self-sufficienct base needed, and ensure stability after the reparations is enacted. To tell you the truth though, if reparations were to happen, it most certainly wouldn't happen in our lifetime and probably not in the lifetime of our children, which is why we should focus more on stablization rather than waiting for reparations to pull us out of the hole.