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Reply to "Ideal reparations."

My how we love our KANGAROO COURTS in America. Reflexively, I say (because this is getting boringly old):

WHITE AMERICANS with respect to REPARATIONS, for one, (and the general public for that matter) amount to:

    (1) Hostile Witnesses;
    (2) Prejudice Jurors; or
    (3) The Defendant/violator/perpetrator/offender (by default or vicariousness...
WHITE AMERICANS with respect to REPARATIONS are in no wise:
    (1) The Impartial Judge; nor
    (2) The Advocate/Counsel for African-Americans
So, especially with respect WHO this and WHO that (questions of WHO QUALIFIES? and WHO Will Decide Who Qualifies?), as we see, WHITE AMERICANS have NO SAY nor do they have a legitimate ROLE in a Legitimate Restitution Process. No matter how strong their EMOTIONS, how much they want to oppose REPARATIONS in their assorted yet still flawed (and specious) ways, nowhere in a Legitimate Restitution Process do they have a say -- except maybe in defense of their collective selves, both their history and practice that brings us to this point.

That's it! They may testify on their behalf but they absolutely have NO SAY and no right to say shit about any of the decisions concerning REPARATIONS. From the pre-Implementation decisions to the actual MEANS and Mechanisms... THEY HAVE NO SAY!!

Theirs is to follow the COURT ORDERED JUSTICE and that's it! But if they are so sure REPARATIONS is "misguided" (juvenile emotional ass arguments) then let them step up to the plate and do what any person who feels like they are wrongly accused (or being otherwise railroaded): DEMAND THEIR DAY IN COURT To Prove Their Innocence and/or How Impossible Reparations Is.

That is, demand that their congressmen take up Rep. John Conyers Reparations Bill request. Have big, however long C-SPAN televised Congressional Hearings calling foward panels of expert witnesses... WHY IS WHITE AMERICA SO SCARED OF THAT?

The movement for black reparations, however well-intended, is misguided. Indeed, it is perverse in its propensity to discredit the very ideal of corrective justice that it invokes, to aggravate bitterness rather than assuage it, and to make reconciliation more difficult.
Yes and we must always in every civil or criminal proceeding be sure not to make the VIOLATOR mad and resentful. The pure idiocy of attaching such emotional considerations to a process that's about JUSTICE.

This is the PERVERSITY OF WHITE SUPREMACY. The fact that African-Americans are legitimately "bitter" over the INJUSTICE is overruled and outweighted by the pending Psychic Trauma of WHITES having actually shatter their DRED SCOTT SYNDROME:
    The Black Man (collectively) has no rights the White Man (collectively) was bound to respect.
Of course, Whites being mad about being on the Wrong Side Of Justice and their Emotional Fallout from it is suppose to be avoided at all costs. Their Brat-ish, hard feelings reign supreme over every consideration, even JUSTICE itself. If they don't like the outcome however JUST it is then, by White Privilege definition, no longer justice. Justice that dares find them on the Wrong Side of something they don't want to confront or concede is cruel and unusual. It runs counter to White Supremacy so how can they be expected to deal with it?

I mean, they will just explode right along with that MYTH. And we can't have that. White ANGER and Bitterness for one day (over being held accountable for "their" sins) is more precious than Black Injury/Damage-Rage for centuries. You know, their Emotional Reactions are exactly what everything that's anything in America must be tailored around.

White Anger is, then, more reputable (given more credence even in WRONG) than Black "Rage" even when JUSTified. Long Live the Perverse Doctrine Of White Supremacy. And not that David Duke stuff. Some of that Abe Lincoln "the superior position" is for Whites, WHITE SUPREMACY. Yes, that White Supremacy.

Frown "They will feel bitter when Reparations are paid." Frown

bsm "Okay! Let's abort Reparations then!" tongue

My point, then, is not that giving reparations to the descendants of black slaves would require, legally or otherwise, that they be given to the descendants of liquidated Native-Americans or near-enslaved coolies, much less that the former should not be first in line. Rather, it is that the politics and psychology of the competition for victimhood will make it difficult to stop there...
Can we please lose these fallacious arguments. SLIPPERY SLOPES will get you nowhere.

The Slippery Slope fallacy... postulates the truth of an opponent's position, and then tries to make the case that the opponent's position would lead to unacceptable consequences. [It] is illegitimate, however, because the consequences claimed are not actually logical consequences of the opponent's position.
Yes, dealing with all the LEGITIMATE claims against America is just "unacceptable"... nono

The consequences of the Shattered White Supremacy Ego too great! laugh
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