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Reply to "Ideal reparations."

And you're a dumbass because your bold statement does not characterize what I believe. And I'd like to know when "self-sufficiency" became a bad word.

As far as being in a minority with my views... I have absolutely no problem with that. I am well aware of where I stand. I have no misery. So I require no company. Nevertheless, DUMBASS my views are not alone.

FYI, your bold statement (quoted or your own) my more accurately reflect what BLAQFIST believes. As for me supporting the notion of Independence and Self-Sufficiency... I guess your own note is an apt description of your views here:

"...this [stuff IRONHOUSE is saying] sounds like the house nigger not wanting to see slavery end for fear of having to figure out how to fend for himself...

So do you really believe the words of a self-conscious HOUSE NEGRO has some value? A LYING, Straw Man making, jumping-to-conclusion, Beliefs Afraid To Confront Illusions... self-conscious HOUSE NEGRO? sck

For one, THERE ARE NO PARALLELS. By definition, Black "Separatism" is markedly different from White Separatism. SLEIGHT OF HAND LOGIC is employed by those that are Sleight In Intellect and HONESTY. The idea (of a true parallel) is logically and historically inaccurate and inconsistent.

Further, or more specifically, I don't subscribe to this notion:

They believe that the only solution for blacks is to break away and to create a separate, segregated black society.

For you to actually believe that, especially after you've tried to act like you've observed my interactions (and in so doing surveyed my posts), then you really are a LYING MOFO!!

I also want to know when INDEPENDENCE became a bad word. There is such a thing called the Fourth Of July. I doubt whether your dumbass curse it because it celebrates the creation of a "separate" society.

Fuckin' half-wit... scream

Black separatists generally hold that whites are racist oppressors of blacks and that there can be no remedy for black advancement within contemporary white-dominated society.
More proof that you were right about yourself. Only a dumb fuckin' Housy would quote/say something about White-DOMINATED society and not skip a beat. Moreover, I don't subscribe to a "NO REMEDY" ideology.

Get a fuckin' clue.