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Reply to "Ideal reparations."

*Smoking a Cohiba while lounging in a leather recliner*

Sometimes, Kevin41, it's much more satisfying to put a fool in his place with intelligence rather than insults.

You know what, Blaqfist? I wasn't aware that you were paying so close attention to me. You're the third man on this site that has expressed such jealousy in my pictures. I also love it when boys like you can't help but express their jealousy in another man. That, in itself, sounds suspect.

It's brothers like you, Blaqfist, Vox, Kevin41, and Nmaginate that have indirectly edified me on this site through your expression of jealousy and enviousness. All of you talk about me like you're a cackle of fat, envious women, "Who does that bitch think she is?" which is quite entertaining and hilarious to me.

Has the embarrassment and humiliation sunk in enough yet, Blaqfist? No? Well, let me just add a little more insult to injury. Lets's move to the next unecessary comment you made:

[QUOTE]]This is gettin frustrating at this point. On the surface your attempt to rationalize your argument sounds sophomoric and immature... "The Russians were giving the Jews "a hard time"...? Are you serious? I hardly doubt you will be able to prove your arguments; because I know / and you know that little spiel was complete bull.

You'll have to forgive my eagerness to make you look even more like a fool, Blaqfist. I have provided more of this "fictitious" information you have asked for:

1904 - 1905
Russo-Japanese War
Japan wages war with Russia to strengthen control over resource-rich Manchuria, vital to Japan's growing industrial revolution. To finance the war, Japan secures a $200 million loan through Jewish-American financier Jacob Schiff. The world is stunned as Japan destroys the Russian navy, seizing Port Arthur (present-day Lushun). As a result of the loan, many in Japan draw exaggerated conclusions about the power of the Jewish people.

That was actually just the begining of a long relationship between the Japanese and the Jews. Maybe I'll come up with some more unbelievable bullshit in the near future so I can continue making you guys look like fools.

Just one more example to prove you idiots don't know everything--acting like a bunch of arrogant, cocky, small town teenagers looking for some trouble to get into--well you definately found what you're looking for.