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Reply to "Ideal reparations."

That's a stretch ironhores (have you seen the Incredilbes? I am going to start calling you Elasti-Girl). I believe this is a figment of your imagination, why would; or how could a high ranking Japanese government official be able to pull this off? At the time Japan was a monarchy, the person trying to get away with this would be committing treason, in effect helping the enemies of a country that his home country was at war with.

Before I begin, blaqfist, I will make you aware that I never, at any point in time, insult you in any way, shape or form as you so wonderfully did:

Originally posted by blaqfist:
And ironhorse, this is a place 4 honest and sensible discourse.
Why all the name calling?

You are the one who looks half gay on your avater.

I don't want to look at a half naked bald niggah trying to show off his abs.

You aint buff, what are you about 5'5?

Just stop it midget.

This is why I don't support my discussions with evidence of my source up front: Firstly, it helps me to weed out the ignorant people from the intellectuals. Secondly, I enjoy reading all the ignorant ass responses after I do present the link supporting the statements I make.

This is why I've always said, since I first came to this site, that people should simply ask for clarification before insulting people. You make yourself look stupid, and, if your ego is easily bruisable, you end up throwing insults all day and all night like, Nmaginate, because you allowed yourself to be made a fool of.

For now, I'll just drop a little knowledge on you, Blaqfist, and leave you with the name of the "fictitious, high-ranking Japanese government official": Chiune Sugihara.

Oh, by the way, Blaqfist, clean up the broken pieces of your face off of my forum floor please. Here's a broom and a dust pan.