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Reply to "Ideal reparations."

I already know what you're thinking in that feable mind of yours
Obviously you don't and never will... DUMBASS!!

You quoted "I Have A Dream"... What a fuckin' idiot!

This is what achieving independence and self-sufficiency from racist institutions sounds like to me: running away from racism. Our goal should be eliminating racism, not running away from it.
Well, when you Listen To Those VOICES You've Created In Your Own Head you're subject to hear and things are subject to sound any old way to you. Fuckin' COWARD!!

There is absolutely NO RUN principle in what I said and definitely not what I think. I just happened to correct your flawed and fraudulent thinking about what a "separatist" believes in terms of how much faith, belief and trust a "separatist" has in his people.

You have labeled me a "separatist" but there is nothing I have actually said nor anything I believe that is about "separatism" -- definitely the way your STRAW MAN Ass wants to describe me. Note: STRAW MAN in this case = you made up some dumb shit because you can't handle the real and true things I have said.

Face it, you jumped your happy ass to some conclusions that you can't substantiate and you're attempting to attack my position for which you have no defense... except to LIE and say my position is something you want it to be.

BTW, this axiom of yours does not work:
Education, in itself, is liberating--where you obtain your education is irrelevent , it's what you do with that education that counts.

...the same education that empowered every prominent black in the history of the United States.
Now think about that for a second... Martin Luther King Jr., Thurgood Marshall, etc. were educated in what? SEGREGATED schools? or schools like contemporary, so-called Integrated schools?

Which SAME EDUCATION are you talking about?

We may be God's first children--we may have transcended and overcome a lot of trials and tribulations but we, most certainly, are losing if not lost our way, which is why Dr. King made [the] profound statement [Nmag introduced in this thread]...

Try to twist all you must but there is no way you can make the meaning of that statement (Dream Speech HORSY) into something that indicts us as a people. Yours is not an HONEST nore even logical reading (interpretation) of what MLK said, literally or otherwise:
    "I'm worried and concerned. I've been working hard all my life to promote the cause of integration. Now that integration is beginning to happen...have I led my people to join a sinking ship?" - MLK
The KEY Fuckin' PHRASE = "have I led my people", not have my people fallen short or stepped in their own quicksand of complacency, self-righteousness, vice or whatever the FUCK you want to concoct. The meaning of the statement is clear. The concern, worry, apprehension therein... UNDENIABLE. Deal with it Mr. DISSONANCE!

Don't try to think your Johnny Comely Lately Ass is going to reinterpret his CLEAR and DIRECT statement into meaning something that coincides with your fucked up, unjustifiable ideology.

And you had the nerve to talk about "debating honestly" when you Popcorn Ass has done nothing here but try your best to Make Shit Up hoping that you could forego your own misery.

You have no honor.

Fabricating shit about me is one thing but bastardizing clear ass quotes from MLK as if they say shit that aligns with your Cracker Jack beliefs because of the DISSONANCE your self-consciously HOUSY ass is experiencing is beyond the pale.

You represent the complacent, self-righteous thought of blacks that don't understand the holistic purpose of what Dr. King and Thurgood Marshall saught to accomplish--having pride off of the backs of our predecessors to the point of thinking that black people have the same integrity and unity as they did back in civil rights days to push onward and upward toward the light--that simply isn't true.
WTF is that?? Do you like record this stuff and play it back just so you can believe you've actually heard stuff to justify your BS?

IRONHORSE, you and your demonstrated IGNORANCE and belligerent stupidity here puts you in no position by any stretch of even your imagination to talk about what anybody "understands"...