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Reply to "Ideal reparations."

Obviously, the only one CLUELESS here is you IRONHORSE...

"Your ideals are a little bit too militant and separatist sounding for my taste..." says the CLUELESS self-conscious HOUSE-NEGRO.

"Every black man isn't your friend and every white man isn't your enemy."
says one CLUELESS, Straw Man erecting motherfucka!

Ah... but the true tell of a CLUELESS bitch is the contradictory things she will say out of her many insecure ways to feel good about herself.

We went from you saying:
How is what you quoted any different from what I said at the begining of this discussion...?

To you spazzing:

...the Black Panthers vowed... [to] snipe every white person in sight... only two negroes had the balls to carry out that plan... That's unity for ya, ain't it?'s impossible, in this day and age, for any race of people, especially a bunch of back-biting, crab-hearted race of people like us , to make any kind of progress without the aid of people from another race

So it's obvious you got some fucking issues.
You know, especially after saying something like that, you can't hide behind your PROJECTION:
    "You don't even believe in your own people."
DUMBASS!!! A "separatist", as you have more or less labeled me (out of all people), can hardly be confused or construed as someone who doesn't believe in his people. A "separatist", by definition, would be the epitome of a BELIEVER. Why would a "separatist" propose to "separate" if he did not believe in his people's ability to make it?

And I guess your own note is an apt description of your views here:
    "...this [stuff IRONHOUSE is saying] sounds like the house nigger not wanting to see slavery end for fear of having to figure out how to fend for himself...
TRUER words from you have never been spoken. Obviously, that psychosis of yours is what has you formulating these curious axioms:

  •'s impossible, in this day and age, for any race of people... to make any kind of progress without the aid of people from another race.

  • Education, in itself, is liberating--where you obtain your education is irrelevent , it's what you do with that education that counts.

    IRONHORSE, you are one CLUELESS, dumbass self-loathing, self-conscious HOUSE NEGRO. None of that shit you said makes any logical, in touch with any kind of history or reality type of sense.

    I love it when you BITCHES Cry... It's all so funny! cabbage
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