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Reply to "Ideal reparations."

Originally posted by IRONHORSE:
HeruStar, your response didn't make any sense. Were you somehow trying to creatively lead into what I said with that metaphorical garbage you just wrote?

It's obvious we don't agree on this issue and it doesn't make any sense to keep bouncing back with ignorant remarks because we don't agree.

The national deficit is currently over 7.7 trillion dollars and climbing. it's been calculated that every single American owes the country somewhere around $26,000 give or take a few hundred dollars. If reparations is going to get funded by anyone, it's going to be funded by the middleast, since around 40% of that debt is owed to them.

The only "slaves" in this forum is you, HeruStar, and your sexually frustrated friend, Nmaginate. All of this talk of independence and self-sufficiency but no mention of how to revitalize and empower the black community. You have to crawl before you can walk.

I don't know about you two but I'm more concerned about educating our people, making them economically viable, valuing ourselves and each other, then worry about how we are going to become independent of systematically racist institutions and self-sufficient of a white dominated society later.

If that isn't important to you then what the hell should be? Be realistic about black America instead of painting this picture of some Zulu nation of warriors--waiting for the right moment to pounce on our oppressors and overcome them.

Both of you, especially you, HeruStar, sound like you're reading comic books--worry about things you can control, like giving back to the community instead of overcoming "whitey." If we worry about improving ourselves, instead of expecting someone to pay us back, everything will fall into place in due time.

Like my great grandmama always said, "Before the end of time the bottom rail will come to the top."


.....and the information you have expressed is indeed valid. More so than not, Black people need to clean up their own house before condemning others.

...and speaking of reparations, in addition to the realities that you have expressed that are indeed valid, Black people have used their position of influence to break-up the Black family structure for profit. This practice of separating parents from their children, and siblings from other siblings, was supposed to have ended with the abolishment of slavery.

....but Oh Well, the greed, sleaze, and incompetence of some of the Black middle class, and/or elite, to make money by any means necessary,

....any means necessary as applied to making a dishonest livelihood even at the expense of being ethical, means that Black people shall also be held accountable for their own contribution to the vestibule of slavery, and/or enslavement of Black people, duing contemporary times.

Be it the individual, a group of individuals, an organization, a consortium of organizations, whether Caucasian owned or controlled, or otherwise, no rational minded person, group of individuals, or for that matter any corporate entity are going to accept complete financial responsibility for the ills and compensation due to the victims of enslavement when they have not been the only perpetrators.


Michael Lofton