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Reply to "Ideal reparations."

The more you post responses, Nmaginate, the less sense you make becasue you quote more and more of what I said instead of answering my challenges and coming up with any ideas of your own.
Dude, you're not even ready.

You can't even deal with the limits of your own views and things inherently problematic within it. And really what you've said amounts to shit because you don't even believe "in your people" or their "cause". Proof comes in your statement: REPARATIONS WILL NEVER HAPPEN.

You're not ready. You know you're not ready when you have to resort to incessant Straw Man argumentation to try to defend your beliefs. Beliefs you know are weak; hence your HOUSE NIGGER = FEAR statement.

You know you're not ready when you try to indict me for not doing something you yourself have not done: Provide specifics - the How To's.

I said nothing about "Whitey" not being involved. I've merely stipulated to us having the foresight/vision to stipulate how "Whitey" should be involved instead of "Whitey" directing how Reparations will be spent, what will be availed to us, etc.

Until you're ready to deal with that, I suggest you shut your cyber-hole.

I'll pull one of your numbers since you're in need of some remedial education. Tell me, research the form of democracy South Africa has and constrast it to American "democracy".

Let me know when your DUMBASS is ready to report your findings to the class.