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Reply to "Ideal reparations."

"I'm worried and concerned. I've been working hard all my life to promote the cause of integration. Now that integration is beginning to happen...have I led my people to join a sinking ship?" - MLK
When Martin Luther King made that statement, he was referring to idiots like you, Nmurinate.
OKay. HOW??

quote:'re still running around thinking black people are going to walk off of their jobs, run the streets, take their savings out of the bank, buy a ship and make their way back to the motherland.

Do you know what a STRAW MAN is?
I've said nor have I suggested anything of the such:

I said nothing about "Whitey" not being involved. I've merely stipulated to us having the foresight/vision to stipulate how "Whitey" should be involved instead of "Whitey" directing how Reparations will be spent, what will be availed to us, etc.

DUMBASS IronHorse... There is no way you can MAINTAIN your bullshit ass STRAW MAN argument because the things I've actually said are not consistent with the views you attribute to me. That last quote of yours was the most IDIOTIC bullshit every written on

Upon what did you make that assumption?
Upon what do you make that accusation?

Read the bold statement about "Whitey" again.
There is no "take money out bank and get on ship" clause in anything I have said. DUMBASS!!

...over 15 years ago, the Black Panthers vowed on the Morton Downey Jr. show that they would be on every overpass, every tall building and hidden in strategic locations and snipe every white person in sight. So far, only two negroes had the balls to carry out that plan and we know what happened to them. That's unity for ya, ain't it? Fucking idiot.
What the FUCK are you talking about DUMBASS?

quote: don't even believe in your own people
And I guess your own note is an apt description of your views here:

"...this [stuff IRONHOUSE is saying] sounds like the house nigger not wanting to see slavery end for fear of having to figure out how to fend for himself..."

I guess you really believe in your people, HOUSE NIGGER IRONHORSE. tongue

...or you wouldn't say that developing a viable black infrastructure in major cities would serve no purpose
Since you use WHITE BOY (il)LOGIC, I will treat you like a 'White Boy'.

Where did I say "developing a viable black infrastructure...would serve no purpose."

I said, my opinion is/was, my analysis suggests that what you've proposed, as-is, will have little or no LASTING/ENDURING EFFECTS and, obviously, has not contemplated WHITE BACKLASH and/or Backdoor obstructions or roll backs.

DUMBASS!!! That's says what you proposed is a "start" but not much else after that or rather will only do so much. There was NO statement from me that said there would be "NO EFFECT" little LYING BITCH!!

And, truth be told, VIABLE BLACK INFRASTRUCTURE is some non-descript shit of yours, I'm sure we all know by OSMOSIS what you think is required and what exactly will make it "viable".

who the hell do you think the black causus interacts with in order to achieve what they are trying to do? Spike Lee? Kweize Mfume? Jessie Jackson? Al Sharpton? Hell no--they interact with members of congress, members of the senate, yeah, white people.
What the HELL point do you think you're making with all this SHADOW BOXING, IronHorse aka Straw Man/Horse?

White people that are in positions of power to help the black cause.
Yeah, and they have lend such great help throughout American History and the Black Caucus is really getting things done in the Black Community (REPARATIONS included) with the great help of those "Good White People".

DUMBASS IronHorse! You make the stupidest statements.

You should first start (somewhere!) by not assuming that you even have a concept about what I think. This dumb shit about "militancy, separatism, and getting on ships" only reflect on your "House Niggerisms" or something to where you just can't deal with what's presented. So, instead you have to concoct some bullshit your dumbass jumps to (unfounded) conclusions about... all for your STRAW MAN purposes, No Man! (i.e. one who lacks testicles)

You still have to explain how it was that your Punk ASS was trying to posture like my initial post said the same (exact) thing you did.