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Reply to "Ideal reparations."

You know, what is so fucking ridiculous is the fact that, first of all, all this debating over reparations is irrefutably unecessary since reparations will never happen


Your the slave that conditioned yourself to be comfortable with the chains. You were convinced that emancipation would never happen. Unfortunately for you it did, and now your left with a psycotic mentality. You're left with the mentality that emancipation or reparations will only make the Black condition worse.

We can't read, we can't write, we can't unite, so what will we do with our freedom? This is the question that your fathers asked Harriet Tubman when she pleaded with the to flea their condition. This is the reason Nat Turner didn't invite your fathers to his meetings.

Even still today the pathetic psycophath descendants are still saying things like

If we were a people that were truly unified and prepared to transcend, perhaps I would put some shades on and throw my fist up but if Ray Ray, Tyrone, Sharquita and Tisha down the street can't get along--if James and Tawana across town can't get along--if Pookie man shot Terell over 50 cents, how do you expect all of us, as a "nation" to act as one and overcome our oppressors?

I've come to grips with the fact that emancipation wasn't for everybody, so neither will reparations be. If reparations is not for you, then please stay out of the meetings unless your going to contribute things other than

By the way, while you're gearing up to overcome our oppressors you better get ready to seek out the decendants of the blacks that owned their own people, and beat them down. Oh yeah, and when you sail on the ship back to the motherland, you better have enough bullets and bombs to take on the decendants of the Africans that sold our ancestors to the Spanish, British, and Dutch to begin with

Stay a slave. Keep giving head to the opposition in order to stay in his good graces. But expect the revolution. Expect true African Americans to rebel. Expect the origins of humanity to be dissatisfied with their condition. Expect us to seek what is rightfully ours. They stole the culture, the civilization, and the PEOPLE. EMANCIPATION DID HAPPEN. REPERATIONS WILL HAPPEN.