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Reply to "Ideal reparations."

I hope you got your money's worth...

quote: worthless, spineless, dickless, panty liner-wearing, sniveling, two-faced, talking out of both sides of your mouth, pseudo-intellectual, hard-headed, dim-witted, immature, shiftless, complacent, homosexual tendencies having, novelty store negro ass son of a bitch.
That's worth how much?

Hmm... and let's see? My very question to you would be, in essence, how would the things you've mentioned be MAINTAINED and protect against WHITE BACKLASH. Your answer was: SILENCE!

Now shut the fuck up!!
Don't cry to me because you can't answer the question posed to you. You kept trying to avoid it with your STRAW MEN, No Man...

Let's take this back a second. You said:
You know, what is so fucking ridiculous is the fact that, first of all, all this debating over reparations is irrefutably unnecessary since reparations will never happen...
Then what the fuck are you still taking for? lol

What the fuck was your thread for? Some RIDICULOUSLY UNNECESSARY talk about your "Ideal"? Your "Ideal" that, again, was based on some DUMBASS premise that the Reparations Movement-Advocates have proposed Reparations as simple cash payments to individuals.

You should start off your comments on things that are accurate, IRON~. That shit was NOT. And it is some old regurgitated shit that's been said time and time again. But, okay... those are all your original views... lol

Original Views that don't say a damn thing.
Revitalize The Black Community = WHAT? HOW?

Hmm... I didn't see any details from you. Seems as if you really don't have a fuckin' clue. And I guess your own note is an apt description of your views here:

"...this [stuff IRONHOUSE is saying] sounds like the house nigger not wanting to see slavery end for fear of having to figure out how to fend for himself..."

Anyway... given how much you used your STRAW MAN argument ("It sounds militant and separatist", "Every White person isn't your enemy".... STUPID SHIT, ALL) there is no reason for me to be inclined to do anything other than show you, again, the things I said that you just have no answer for:

"To me, it makes no sense to work for Reparations and not contemplate how to reduce Black people's exposure to basically the same RACIST INSTITUTIONS that caused the need for Reparations and have delayed the acquisition of Reparations for so long. You know, carry on more or less like Business As Usual as if there isn't going to be a RACIST RE-ACTION or attempt to backdoor obstructions and obstacles to Black people trying to make the best use out of Reparations."

sad And all your little comments show how it's so hard for you to contemplate and even think about how to deal with the impending RACIST RE-ACTION. You know you did say, "for every action..." Hmm... Now you punk ass wants to cry because you don't have an answer. sad

I guess if we ask nicely "Whitey" won't attempt to, as they say, "Roll Back The Gains"...

Apparently, you seem to think when and if "Whitey" grants then "Whitey" we act honorably throughout the whole process. Seems to me you have a delusional view of "Whitey". Apparently you think "Whitey" will be your friend if you act "right". You know, don't make it seem like you're saying "fuck you".

Note again, "Whitey" already thinks, promotes and propagandize Reparations as being a scam and a big attempt to "fuck" him.


I said nothing about "Whitey" not being involved. I've merely stipulated to us having the foresight/vision to stipulate how "Whitey" should be involved instead of "Whitey" directing how Reparations will be spent, what will be availed to us, etc. seems you would rather circumscribe the way we employ/implement Reparations around things that won't make "Whitey" mad...

And I guess your own note is an apt description of your views here:

"...this [stuff IRONHOUSE is saying] sounds like the house nigger not wanting to see slavery end for fear of having to figure out how to fend for himself..."

Yes, I can play... But can you?
Will you CRY the whole way through?
Will you avoid the big ass holes in your logic?
Will you pretend you've detailed some by just saying:

The point is to rebuild or, in many cases, build an infrastructure in the black community--education, black entreprenuership, a viable black political base, and revitalize the black community.
Little if any of that says anything about HOW any of that will be done let alone MAINTAINED. So, STFU until you can deal...