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Reply to "Ideal reparations."

Nmaginate, I see what your problem is now--you need a fucking chew toy.

I can see through your smoke and mirrors, Nmaginate, and I'm getting about sick and damn tired of you foaming at the mouth over nothing.

I'm about sick and damn tired of you side-stepping my challenges, only to respond with more garbage--trying to cover up for the fact that, other than hyping up N'COBRA, you haven't come up with one single damn idea of your own for achieving independence and self-sufficiency.

I don't give a fuck about STRAW-MAN, SUPER-MAN, PLASTIC-MAN, BAT-MAN, SPIDER-MAN or any other kind of MAN--my eyes grow tired of reading all of this shit you keep spouting to cover up for the fact that YOU OFFER NO IDEAS OF YOUR OWN.

I'm not even going to bother quoting any of this pure, unadulterated, warmed-over trash you keep spouting all over this forum because it's a waste of time. You're like a fucking weed--everytime I kill one stupid thing you say something else stupid pops up out of your mouth.

You know, what is so fucking ridiculous is the fact that, first of all, all this debating over reparations is irrefutably unecessary since reparations will never happen, and, secondly, you've admitted, yourself, that we both basically agree on the same outcome--your problem is, you're mad because I don't want to achieve independence in the way you want to, whatever the hell that is, since you STILL haven't explained how we're supposed to make it to the point of independence and self-sufficiency.

You've lost yet another debate, Nmaginate--I'm not going to help you fill up another forum with over 6 pages of dumbass insults because you're tired of watching Star Trek re-runs, and run out of harmless chemicals to mix up in your chemisry set.

Why don't you pry your fingers from your keyboard and take a walk outside--get some fresh air, burn some calories, plant some flowers, go to the bookstore, take a road trip but please, PLEASE step the fuck away from your computer because you don't make any fucking sense other than the fact that you're a prime example of why we, as a race, will never achieve true independence and self-sufficiency.