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Reply to "Ideal reparations."


Thats funny; I always thought Germany and Japan were on the same team during WWII...?

You're right, Blaq, Germany and Japan were both breathing down our backs, and because you have the decency to simply ask, instead of acting like a rabid dog, like some of these Other people have done, I'll drop a little knowledge on you.

The time period in which I'm referring to was around Holocaust time, just before WWII. I'll give you a quick story on what I'm talking about--there were a significant number of Jews that had escaped the Nazis, fleeing to neighboring countries that were neutral territory.

Unfortunately, the Nazis pursued the fleeing jews and the neighboring countries were no longer safe. It was due to one Japanese governmental official that single-handedly forged thousands of passports for the escaping jews so that they may enter Japan, and thereby sail to a Dutch settled island.

Why did the Japanese agree to help the jews? Because Rabis convinced Japanese governmental officials that after the Nazis were through exterminating the jews they (the Japanese) would be next to be exterminated due to the fact that the Nazis' plan was to populate the world with a blue-eyed, blonde-haired super race.

The reason why the Japanese and the Jews had a relationship to begin with was because the Japanese needed funding to fight the Russians. No one would fund the Japanese but a jewish banker in New York. The Jewish banker agreed to fund the Japanese because, at the time, the Russians was giving the jews a very hard time.

Now, if you feel the need to fill in the holes with concrete evidence, here's a site that gives you complete info from A to Z:

Yo' Ironhorse; do you have a problem w/ Black Nationalism and/or Seperatism?

No, I don't have a problem at all with black nationalism and/or seperatism--it's impossible, in this day and age, for any race of people, especially a bunch of back-biting, crab-hearted race of people like us, to make any kind of progress without the aid of people from another race, whether they be white, hispanic, asian or jew.

If we were a people that were truly unified and prepared to transcend, perhaps I would put some shades on and throw my fist up but if Ray Ray, Tyrone, Sharquita and Tisha down the street can't get along--if James and Tawana across town can't get along--if Pookie man shot Terell over 50 cents, how do you expect all of us, as a "nation" to act as one and overcome our oppressors?

By the way, while you're gearing up to overcome our oppressors you better get ready to seek out the decendants of the blacks that owned their own people, and beat them down. Oh yeah, and when you sail on the ship back to the motherland, you better have enough bullets and bombs to take on the decendants of the Africans that sold our ancestors to the Spanish, British, and Dutch to begin with.