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Reply to "Ideal reparations."

No race of people has achieved independence and self-sufficiency without the help of another race.
It's silliness like this as you continue on your STRAW MAN parade that shows your issues.

This idea of yours doesn't make any logical sense... with the absolute (NO RACE) rhetoric you use.

How exactly did the first "race" ever survive let alone thrive if there were no other "races" to help them? And really where does this shit come from?

Do... you... know... what... a... STRAW MAN is??

In response to your embracing the notion of achieving independence from these racist institutions, all I have to say is this: Every black man isn't your friend and every white man isn't your enemy.
What the FUCK are you talking about?

There is NOTHING that I have said that approximates, can be construed or can be stretched for you to even begin to think that BULLSHIT makes sense. Nothing I have said suggests that "EVERY Black Man" this and "EVERY White Man" that.

So what the FUCK are you talking about?
Learn how to stop assuming shit you have absolutely no reason to believe except by way of your own concocted STRAW MEN...

You've knocked my idea of starting with revitalizing the inner city with a black infrastructure but you haven't inserted your idea of where we're going to start from to make the necessary steps of getting to the point of independence and self-sufficiency.
I have not "knocked" your idea. You have this problem with READING COMPREHENSION and the most important thing with that: CONTEXT.

I tell you what. I'll match your quaint axioms with my own which is so necessary here:

A statement is Opposition is not necessarily a statement promoting the Opposite.

That said, all your counterpoints seem to have to place what I've mentioned at some polar extreme (to your idea). What I have said is not. I made an observation. I listed a principle concern. You have failed to speak to how you would address it.

So, basically you've listed The LIMITS Of Your "IDEAL". Something, to me, that's counterintuitive...

As for your idea, you really haven't said much let alone spelled out how we get to that point. You talk about points A-Z but show no logical progression that establishes your ideas as the actual beginning points. You just assert they are as if "revitalizing the inner city" is a self-explanatory step.

My question to you was how do you ensure that revitalization last? In essence, how do you ensure "Whitey" doesn't get more out of it than you or more than what's necessary?

You would do better to actually address things I say instead of continuing on your STRAW MAN tangents.

sad "It seems Militant and Separatist." sad

Again, if it were not for the "militants and separatists" much of what the Reparations Movement is would not exist. The NAACP types would still be waiting to gauge the temperature of their White Supporters if not taking direction from them. If it where not for the "militant and separatist" tradition making Reparations an issue year in, year out... long before you stubbled upon NCOBRA in your usual Johnny Come Lately style, just last year... lol ... we would not be having this conversation.

One of those "good White/Jewish people" I converse with on another forum has noted that no major Black (mainstream) organization has come out, officially, in support of REPARATIONS. To the extent that his notion is true... I WONDER WHY???

sad "It seems Militant and Separatist." sad

And I guess your own note is an apt description of your views here:

"...this [stuff IRONHOUSE is saying] sounds like the house nigger not wanting to see slavery end for fear of having to figure out how to fend for himself...

That about sums it up, huh? bsm

Oh for those who would actually try to address substance. Again, I did not "knock" what you said. You had the nerve to say:
"In order to come up with a [proper] solution, you need to [properly] identify the problem."

I stated why I thought "the problem" was not COMPLETELY and, hence, properly identified. Some READING COMPREHENSION instead of Knee-Jerk or "Knock"-Knee was in order. I said:

Grants for education, tax breaks, etc. alone without systematic, institutional, structural changes pretty much becomes just another version of what people think Reparations As Cash Checks to individuals would be... Short Lived and of little (collective) enduring transforming effect.
By definition, by any logical reading of the English used in my statement... there is no "knock" of what you proposed. Just a statement, an analysis that says what you propose BY ITSELF, ON ITS OWN is not going to make a lasting effect.

You mentioned the help Whites/Jews provided to the NAACP but really all that help has profitted us how in the here and now? If that help was so great how come we're talking about Reparations today and did not get Reparations THEN?? What part of the critiques of those things have you missed?
    "I'm worried and concerned. I've been working hard all my life to promote the cause of integration. Now that integration is beginning to happen...have I led my people to join a sinking ship?" - MLK
As I said before:
Provisions/considerations in your idea to avoid or eventually counteract that?

Please note:
EVENTUALLY suggests a progression.