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Reply to "I finally found the Black women's reply to the "Where is the love?'" from Tampa"

Originally posted by ddouble:
A person can have degrees, status, & wealth and still be lousy in relationships. So choosing by those criteria guarantees nothing.

No one said the ladies do not deserve "doctors or Denzel's"

I also want to be clear that many of the examples I put out are people with ADVANCED degrees who are making serious contributions to the world but who might make $40,000-$90,000 versus $100,000-$150,000/yr - and some of them ARE Doctors but not MDs. It's just that these people deal in the world of ideas/knowledge and don't have monetary gain or more conventional types of prestige/status as a motivator. I was deliberately trying to gauge the female response to a group of very educated and ambitious professionals who were not high-end wage earners - but who earn a substantially better living than a janitor. I was also trying to bring in other qualities (talent, drive, ambition, creativity, intelligence, etc.) besides obvious wealth/power/ status that might be desireable in a mate.

So far, ONLY Art Gurl has expressed any interest.

This is not very different from Rowe posting pics of African Models and asking us guys what was wrong with us for having such a limited notion of female beauty. It's all well and good when us guys are being upbraided for being severely shortsighted.

The sad thing is that I was inclined to agree with Rowe. But I'm not feeling the same vibe from the other side on this issue. And I find it extremely disturbing that all I'm getting back from Sistas is "I'm not settling for Janitors" and "these aren't cream of the crop" types of answers. Because the residual feeling is that the only value attached to an ideal mate is purely monetary. I.e. Quality=high end paying job? Can it be that the women aren't demanding quality mates or the right to pursue whoever they like so much as the right to be greedy without the accusation of being gold diggers? Wink

I don't know the answer to this question but I repeat: no one but Art Gurl has issued a denial. Every one else has hemmed and hawed, remained silent, or for some mysterious reason expressed outrage that I should even go there. Why? And if that isn't a serious double standard, what is?

And isn't it embarrassing that I threw out a slate of what I would consider some of the finest out there and the sistas take a whiff and say no thanks?
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