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Reply to "I finally found the Black women's reply to the "Where is the love?'" from Tampa"

Originally posted by HonestBrother:
Originally posted by qty226:
I just dont get it.......

HB........Your brother date asians, because hes 5'8, and cant find a black beauty, that likes men that are 5'8? lol

For your information. That's true. And it's not funny. IT IS NOT FUNNY. It doesn't matter that there's a black woman out there who might like him. If you get stiffed enough times you give up.


So we all get stiffed...........i get stiffed because im dark skinned, but im told to settle, and grab a janitor.

Your brother gets stiffed because of his height.......and he moves on to asian women. (knowing that there are tons of black women.....that could careless about his height.............but hes looking for a black beauty, therefore he will never settle).

As the article brought out.....YOU men over look the average sista, because of her weight, etc.........and then want to complain.

But black women, have to settle.

HB i know men have feelings, but i personally feel that men can have their pick, there are tons of women out here.

You men just keep picking the same women.....over and over again. (looking for that black beauty)

Women have feelings as well, and to tell me to find a janitor, just to have a just not fair.

Ohh and one more 5'8, without heels. I was willing to date a man that was 5'6, but things didnt work out.

So yes........there are times, when i over look certain things.........but dont tell me that my future is dim, because i wont pick a janitor.