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Reply to "I finally found the Black women's reply to the "Where is the love?'" from Tampa"

Originally posted by HonestBrother:
You keep waffling here.

I'm not waffling. I've been saying the same thing repeatedly. You are just not trying to read what is written.

Are you saying that you want to be able to fantasize about getting these men or are you honest to goodness really wanting the right to hold out for the status-symbol-trophy-husband?

Neither. *Sigh* Black women deserve to be able to consider the "cream of the crop" as a viable dating and marriage option without being lectured about lowering standards/"being more realistic"/etc.

I've broken it down into scenarios before, but apparently no one reads them or you can't see past the word "Denzel" without going off on a tangent. Last time.

Scenario A
Man: I want to date a woman who's pretty and has a six-figure job.
Society: Go head!

Scenario B
Woman: I want to date a man who's handsome and has a six-figure job.
Society: You're expecting too damn much! What's wrong with dating a janitor or a brotha who isn't cute? That's why you all can't find anybody!

Do you see the difference?? Do you see why that would bother a woman??

But the women who pine after these status-symbol-trophy-husbands-Lamborghini men (Denzel, Doctor, Lawyer types) then complain that "there are no men" when they can't find one DESERVE to be single.

Do you see how remarks like this fit exactly into the scenario above??

I get sick of women who make like the only choices are between a doctor and a fast food worker.

Totally irrelevant and for the umpteenth time, NO ONE has suggested that and I've actually specifically addressed that several times now. So put down your violin and cut the sob story.

And you can complain about a double standard all you want but I don't hear the guys belly aching about there not being any women ... There are a ton of women. They just have awful attitudes.

You don't here men complaining (actually you do, but whatever) about numbers because the numbers are on their side. There are more avialble Black women than there are available Black men. What in the Hell would you have to complain about numbers-wise?!? I'm not even gonna touch that last part.