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Reply to "I finally found the Black women's reply to the "Where is the love?'" from Tampa"

Originally posted by Frenchy:
"What makes you think you deserve to date an attractive attorney?"
"That's what you get for dating a 'pretty boy'?"
"Who wouldn't choose the girl with the big butt over the brainiac? It's only natural to go after what is visually appealing!"

Frenchy, I think I hear ya. But the "attractive attorney" or "doctor" and the "pretty boy" may be just other versions of "Denzel": widespread cultural ideals of what we're "supposed to want".

I don't ever hear people setting their sights for the attractive engineer or mathematician or dentist. Much less the ambitious and intelligent young janitor.

And I love Brainiacs - especially if they're cute - notice I said "cute" - not necessarily "fine"....