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Reply to "I finally found the Black women's reply to the "Where is the love?'" from Tampa"

For God's Sake! Denzel and Halle are only examples. The double standard plays out in normal everyday life!

"What makes you think you deserve to date an attractive attorney?"
"That's what you get for dating a 'pretty boy'?"
"Who wouldn't choose the girl with the big butt over the brainiac? It's only natural to go after what is visually appealing!"


This is NOT about specifically dating Denzels and Halles. This is NOT about lowering dating expectations. It's not about speicifcally dating anyone at all really. It is an observation of WHAT IS.

And I reject the idea that because these "ideal mates" are not who most of us end up with that there is no damage done. It is tremendously harmful to place these mental barriers on only women for having any sort of ambition for a mate. It's nothing more than another way to beat up on women and give men a pass. Most of us do not end up as atronauts and doctors, but we would never say it's fine to discourage kids from dreaming of that future because they must remain "in reality."

Sexism has NO defense. 99% of my grief would be relieved if men would spend as much time trying to counsel and advise each other rather than the opposite sex. IMO, 99% of men would quickly change their views if they were advising another man on the very same subject.