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Reply to "I finally found the Black women's reply to the "Where is the love?'" from Tampa"

We're speaking the same langauge, you're just reading & comprehending in another one! Big Grin

Reread this portion:
Note there have been very few discussions about people's physical preferences, outside of Rowe. We are talking about personality traits.

We're not talking about men wanting Halle or women wanting Denzel. Look around at couples next time you go out - how many men are "Denzel" & how many women are "Halle"? Most of us date & marry the "everywoman" too. What many of the men here have told you is this:

We don't care about a woman's career when choosing a mate
We don't care about a woman's degrees when choosing a mate

Many of the women here insist that those two things should matter more than all the things we've (Men) said matters to us in relationships.

If what you're doing now for your relationships is working, cool. If not, do you insist on doing things the same way, expecting a different result? bang Or do you try something different? All of the embittered Black men & women need to try something different. You can be "right" or you can be happy. appl

Always with heart & concern

bow bigddouble bow