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Reply to "I finally found the Black women's reply to the "Where is the love?'" from Tampa"

Originally posted by Frenchy:
And how does this Category A & B theory you have justify or explain the Double Standard that's been pointed out?

I don't see how any of that speaks to why it is okay for men to aim for the best but women must remain "realistic" with respect to dating partners.

The Double Standard only exists because of the different words being used. The different words being used are the evidence of different standards, not a double standard. If a women aims for the best, what is she aiming for specifically? Is she aiming for Denzel? Why? Is that the best? What this article was trying to point out is that, for women, finding love is about finding Category A. It's not about finding Denzel, unless Denzel fits Category A. Now, is that aiming for the best, or is it being realistic?

And when did anyone start expecting women to be realistic? Did I miss a memo? The last time I looked women started planning their weddings at about five years old, and it usually involves a knight in shinning armor astride a unicorn. What's realistic about this?

Let me try this another way. If there is a double standard, is it not imposed on women by themselves? Are women asking themselves, "is it better to be alone because I didn't get Denzel (because he's the 'best'), or should I be 'realistic' because having a relationship is more important?"

Basically, aiming for the best=being realistic. That's why there's no Double Standard.
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