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Reply to "I finally found the Black women's reply to the "Where is the love?'" from Tampa"

Originally posted by thayfen:
Originally posted by qty226:

So no matter men dont want a 200lb sista, that has her own in life................but a sista should want a janitor, custodian or fast food manager?

Am i reading this right?? Roll Eyes

Gimmie a damn break!! Mad

Like i mentioned before.......i live in Tampa, and when i go out, i never look 'at' black men.

Writing as a former Janitor--I agree with Sister qty226. Black women should not settle for a "limited blue-collar-type." By no means--besides, there are plenty of women form other cultures who have no prob with an "average man".

--So, when you see these Blue-collar, uneducated, limited Blackmen with those "other women"...don't complain.

You know.....i expected a man to throw another 'race' of women in this equation.

It seems that a lot of brothas, still want to hold this over our heads. Think again.......please notice that sistas are complaining less about these issues, we are finally getting the point.....and for the most part, are moving on. (well at least i am)

Also, i find it funny, that you commented on the fact of "blue collar workers", but you said nothing about how brothers, turn away decent sistas because of their looks!

Yanno....shes too black, fat, ugly, hair too nappy.

Whatever, im done........!!