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Reply to "I finally found the Black women's reply to the "Where is the love?'" from Tampa"

Originally posted by qty226:

So no matter men dont want a 200lb sista, that has her own in life................but a sista should want a janitor, custodian or fast food manager?

Am i reading this right?? Roll Eyes

Gimmie a damn break!! Mad

Like i mentioned before.......i live in Tampa, and when i go out, i never look 'at' black men.

Writing as a former Janitor--I agree with Sister qty226. Black women should not settle for a "limited blue-collar-type." By no means--besides, there are plenty of women form other cultures who have no prob with an "average man".

--So, when you see these Blue-collar, uneducated, limited Blackmen with those "other women"...don't complain.