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Reply to "I Can't Breathe': Man Dies After Minneapolis Police Officer Seen Kneeling On His Neck"

The only difference between a Klan robe and a police uniform are the colors; one is a mask and robe and the other is a hat, jacket and pants. One is full white from top to bottom and the other is blue from top to bottom. All are worn by white psychopaths full of hatred toward us and "black" cops are working for Master for a paycheck. They'll do what M,ASTER says.

Why do white psychopaths hate the Black man so much?? Jealousy, maybe?? Pissed off at their strength?? Mad because some of their women like that black dick?? Mad because they don't have a dick??? What the fuck is their problem??

As long as I've been breathing air, I don't know of one Black man kneeling on a white man's neck; nor do I recall a Black man hanging a white man from a tree.

I remember Emit Til; seeing his decomposed body in Jet magazine. I don't recall a Black man doing that to a white man. Nor do I( know of a Black man eating white men for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Something's seriously wrong with these Crackers. We;re looking for these fuckers to put their white brethren in jail for killing one of us. Who's crazier, them or us???

They'd like to kneel on ALL OUR NECKS until dead. Recognize.


We'll be rioting in the streets, calling Rev. Al or that Lawyer Crump (or whatever the heck his name is; he doesn't seem like the sharpest knife in the drawer to me), until the next time a Black man is murdered by a white psychopath.

400 years of this shit...still counting.

They do this to us because they can!!!!!!!! Who are you going to call, TRUMP????

GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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