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Originally posted by Fine:
She taught mathematics and natural philosophy. She is credited with the authorship of three major treatises on geometry and algebra and one on astronomy. She invented several tools: an instrument for distilling water, an instrument to measure the specific gravity of water, an astrolabe and a planisphere.

She died violently. She was dragged to her death by a mob who pulled her from her classroom into the streets where they peeled her to death with oyster shells.

With all the material comfort she provided to the city of Alexandra she still was not PUBLIC APPROVED in the END.

That was around the time of the Greeks and Romans who established themselves in Egypt thus depriving the Egyptian African people of KNOWLEDGE of their GLORIUS PAST.

Then a IGNORANT MOB just TOOK it all AWAY that is her LIFE.

This strategy sounds familiar used by a race of people who inspiration was the Romans.

Oh well, I guess that is what we all get for FOLLOWINGthose WHITE GODS and their MINIONS.