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Thank you so much, Virtue--for your contribution to the subject of Hypatia!

I listen to Dr. Ray Hagins quite a lot and I remember him discussing her in one of his radio broadcasts and remembered the spelling of her name so that I could do a little investigating myuself.

She was a fascinating woman. The inhumane manner in which she was treated was insane.

PS May I have the title of Ms. Lumpkins book?

I have a bad habit of speculating about the Afrikan-ness of famous people (i.e. Socrates, Cleopatra). I thought about it but decided not to speculate about Hypatia. Although it makes sense that her strength and knowledge might have African Roots. Although history is silent I know black women were first to be strong, intelligent and powerful:

1. Meryt-Neith (1st Dynasty c3000bc)--first female Pharoah

2. Nitocris (6th Dynasty 2148-44BC)

3. Sobeknofru (12th Dynasty ?1757-1759BC)

4. Hatshepsut (18th Dynasty c1473-1458BC)--Yes, with certainty she did rule as Pharoah.

5. Neferitit (18th Dynasty 1336BC) possible, but not certain.

6. Twosret (19th Dynasty 1187-1185BC)

7. Cleopatra (51BC)
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