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Reply to "“Hurt People Hurt People:” Mental Health Expert Discusses Sex Assault Allegations Against Afrika Bambataataa"

Kocolicious posted:

“Hurt People Hurt People:” Mental Health Expert Discusses Sex Assault Allegations Against Afrika Bambataataa

  That's it right there.  When hurt people hurt each other...when children are sexually damage as a result of sex abuse....many lash out as adults.  Which is why it is a vicious cycle of ongoing child rape.  Cuz the child in those rapes never grow out of it.  And America continues to ignore this social crisis while it engages in gender bathrooms that will most definitely FEED the palette of these sex offenders.  As of yet, there has not been an open discussion on how to deal with children abused by adults.  

This has been swept under the rug as many unsuspecting children become prey.  It is twist thinking and irresponsibility to allow this to occur.  No one is saying a damn thang about the ramification of sex abuse and no one is saying anything about what they are doing to fight it as child trafficking continues.  And what pisses me off is America is NOT connecting the focking dots.  Many in the government is DELIBERATELY turning a blind eye to it.  Just like lives matters so does the protection of our children from POTENTIAL child predators.  All this fake ass "fairness" policy is just that.  How can you think CRUSHING someone's foot for those without shoes?  

As by the way, black people are dropping like flies.  This is not a pick your poison kinda thing.  It's a humility type of thang.  How can you give some one the right to invade while invading the privacy of others?  That doesn't MAKE sense.  Give them their OWN bathroom.....that makes sense.   Why knowingly give sex predators a gateway to destroy children lives?  The government  should have discussed the dos and don'ts to  a reasonable extend  before swifting without congressional thought  MANDATING this obvious VIOLATION to women/girl's right-why ain't those whores saying ANYTHING?  Oh cuz the men who makes their shoes, dresses and fashion predictions....are GAY?  Surely our children's rights to their own body  is worth far more than that as why women's rights initially had absolutely nothing to do with women per se and EVERYTHING to do with White [whore] privilege   Another post entirely...but!   

I believe that America cannot get serious about child sexual abuse because of the fact that there are so many child sexual predators in America in the first place, and because so many are in such 'high' places or have friends in 'high' places, that almost any progress made against predators is stopped or stagnated by people who have a vested interest in curtailing punishments, sentences and laws that should already be in place to put an end to pedophilia in America.  

So, 'hurt people, do hurt people' but they are not supposed to.  No one has the right to hurt another person because they have been hurt.  And if you are an adult, you know better than to do anything as egregious as pedophilia no matter what has happened to you as a child or any other time.  Outside of mental retardation or complete insanity, no adult has ANY excuse for molesting or having sex with children.  

But, at the same time, I don't get how most parents just refuse to change with the times where their children are concerned.  There used to be a time when your kids could be outside playing by themselves, sometimes for hours, without anything happening to them.  There used to be a time when you didn't have to give a second thought to your child going on a 'sleepover' at a friend's home, and there definitely used to be a time when your child's teacher was the last person you would have had to worry about molesting your child, BUT, those times have changed, those times have BEEN changed, and it makes no sense that so many parents are still trying to parent as if it's still the 50s, or even the 40s or something.

More parents need to watch their children more than they do, and not allow everybody and their mama to "babysit" their children, and the need to talk to their children about child predators, perverts, and inappropriate 'touch' and behaviors of adults or older children toward a child.  

Every deviate behavior known to humanity has only grown/increased with the times, nothing has stayed the same, especially child sexual abuse, so today's parents have to change, and have to change their parenting styles to be vigilante against potential pedophiles, and to protect their from child predators, whether they be complete strangers, family members or friends or neighbors.  

We need laws that will actually put child predators away from society FOREVER, and we need parents to actually PARENT their own children by today's necessities.  


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