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Reply to "Howard Dean: Open Mouth, Insert Foot"

Originally posted by Empty Purnata:
^Well, I won't debate over whether Capitalism is essentially good or not, but that's not the point. The point is, these left-wing leaders were DEMOCRATICALLY elected whether we like or not. So they don't like US foreign policy...OK, so what we invade them and force in a new puppet leader? Democracy is not a problem, these leaders were democratically elected and lead their countries through democratic processes, so this stuff about "spreading democracy" is bunk. Democracy does not mean "pro-US".

You see what I mean?

And, there are very good reasons these people aren't supporting US Capitalism: because starting with the Monroe Doctrine and culminating in the 70's and 80's during the Cold War, the US launched all sorts of military incursions into these countries. We set up and supported tyrannical Neoliberal Capitalist dictators like Pinochet, Noriega and Batista. Even now, the CIA trains death squads on US bases to murder labor union leaders in Colombia for the Coca-Cola company so the managers don't have to sign labor contracts and don't have to abolish sweatshops.

All this stuff about "democracy" is bunk. If we cared about whether or not those countries were run democratically, we wouldn't have supported Pinochet, Batista, Noriega and other proto-Fascist Neoliberal dictators. The only reason the corporate muckety-mucks have their panties in a bunch is because this means less oil drilling for US companies in Latin America and no more sweatshops.

but just because someone wants an open dialog and build alliances with other countries does not mean they want to control their elections. Unfortunately, this is exactly what has happened in the past and may continue.

I don't think Dean believes in controlling elections and having puppet governments. I could be wrong, but based on everything that I've heard and read about Dean so far, I don't think I am. his comments in the interview does not make me think that I'm wrong.

We do need to have positive relationships with other countries. I don't believe in isolation.