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Reply to "How to Tell If He's Gay or Straight"

Originally posted by ShayaButHer:
Why does it matter if "He's Gay or Straight"?

I'm not concerned about a Man being gay UnLess he's trying to pull a fast one on the dating scene....then I would be more than pissed off.

I remember seeing SomeThing on Black Planet a long time ago, in which one of the reporters was asking to interview any Ladies who had experience dealing with a Man who was on the down low....and I think it is HeartBreaking what some of those Ladies had to go through.

HopeFully, we live in an environment in which some Men feel better about "coming out of the closet"....I'd hope that SomeOne would be honest about that in this day and age.

"Wisdom Is A Woman Reflecting!"

There's a lot of men (with women/children at home) that are secretly having sex with men that don't consider their 'on the side' activities as being gay or homosexual acts. They make excuses/rationalize it away as being something else.

I've known two of them. sck