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Reply to "How to Leverage Trillion Dollar Black Spending Power"

Originally Posted by nuggyt:

  PS Where did that $1 Trillion dollar come from?  


You wanna know where it DIDN'T come from, nuggyt?? 


It DIDN'T come from the .. what is it now ... 60+% of Black people that are living BELOW the poverty line!! 


It DIDN'T come from those million+ Black men ... many of them totally innocent of their charges ... that have been taken out of being productive members of society because of fake trumped up ass charges by dirty, corrupt police officers that MAKE IT THEIR MISSION to OPPRESS BLACK PEOPLE in certain neighborhoods in EVERY state in this country!!


It DIDN'T come from the generations of Black families that have been broken up by the intentional  flooding of DRUGS that the GOVERNMENT pored into Black neighborhoods throughout the 70's, 80s & 90's. (And if you're gonna say something stupid like "that's not true" .... then you're being a waste of my time even trying to make rational sense to you!!)


That $1 trillion ISN'T coming from the MILLIONS and MILLIONS of Black people SYSTEMICALLY and SYSTEMATICALLY being DENIED good/better jobs, good/better promotions, home loans, housing in good neighborhoods, funding for businesses, college admissions, a decent K-12 education in public schools ... every freakin' day all over this country .... by a White power "establishment" that doesn't want to see Black people better themselves!!


(Oh!!  But wait!!!  Don't tell me!!!  That couldn't possibly be happening here in America, could it???  "Cause THEN .... that would be OPPRESSION, wouldn't it??    White people intentionally doing things and making laws to keep millions of Black people down for no other reason but they're racist and don't like Black people???  Oh no!!  You would never consider accusing White people of that, now would you??  So HOW IN THE HELL could Black people be negatively impacted by not being allowed to better their situation???)


SOME Black people have LOTS of money.  Others make enough to pay for a comfortable living:  a roof over their heads and food in their mouths; support for 2.5 kids.  Others still DON'T make enough for the basic necessities ... but ARE earning and spending what little money they get.


Our $1 trillion potential consumer spending economy means that of those within the Black community that DO have a job and ARE spending money .... we have the economy of some small countries!!  But the U.S. is the biggest economyin the WORLD.  That's WHITE PEOPLE control the biggest economy in the WORLD!! 


Black people ARE oppressed in America!!  We have a $20-$1 wealth gap from White people.  ON PURPOSE. BY DESIGN.


But with the money that DOES flow through (and out of) African America - if we were to harness that and direct it inward into our OWN communities, developing our  OWN economic system that benefits our OWN economic and social development, make intelligent spending decisions instead of spending our money on STUPID STUFF .... then WE have the power to control the 16th largest economy IN THE WORLD.


So are we "oppressed"??  YES.  Are we an "economic powerhouse"?? (consumer spending-wise) YES.  At the SAME time??  YES.


And if you can't see that .... you need to go on and crawl back under whatever rock you crawled out of before you decided to come here and try to say something ignorant about Black people.