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Reply to "How to Leverage Trillion Dollar Black Spending Power"

*sigh* ..... Black people are most certainly oppressed, nuggyt.  Always have been.  


I didn't MAKE THAT DEFINITION UP.  And you can't MOLD IT simply to suit your argument.  It is what it is.  And NOTHING about it has ANYTHING to do with "having" (or not "having") a damn thing in order to experience oppression .... or to oppress others.


There's no EXTREME involved here ... and you obviously DO NOT understand the meaning of the word.  To put it in small words ... "oppressed" simply means to hold someone down.  To restrict them in some way.


Whether or not that "oppression" is successful ... and how much or little that amount of "success" is .. has NOTHING to do with the fundamental definition of what it is.  White people have been oppressing Black people since we got off the boat.  They STILL do their best to oppress us TODAY.


In some ways, they are STILL successful.  In other ways, we've managed to get ours!  But that doesn't STOP a damn thing as far as the effort to OPPRESS goes!!!  And it doesn't STOP a damn thing that we've been able to achieve $1 trillion in spending power.




Just because I'm sitting here at my computer typing ..... DOESN'T MEAN that I am NOT prohibited by OPPRESSION from achieving certain things or going to certain places or being able to do a variety of other things.  I can own 100 computers ... and still get in the car, drive down the street and be stopped, arrested and convicted of "driving while Black" if a certain WHITE cop decides that that's my fate for the day!!  


When THAT type of thing stops happening to BLACK PEOPLE ... simply because they're Black .... THEN we can talk about there being NO racial oppression in America.


But until then .... what you're saying is ridiculous ... and ONLY makes sense to YOU ... because that's what YOU want it to do!!!   There is a .... (and here come some BIG words ... so be forewarned!! ) .... historically systemic operation of oppression and discrimination BY WHITE PEOPLE against BLACK PEOPLE ... in every facet of life in this country .... that started and has continuously been happening from DAY ONE!!!


And if you don't know that by now .... well ..... 


That's your denial to deal with.  Not mine.

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