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Reply to "How to Leverage Trillion Dollar Black Spending Power"

Brotha Xum wrote: 


It is not just a few.


  I know I was just being "nice."


Over the years I have talked to a number of Black IT professionals and every one of them has told me that they have had Black business men either rip them off or try to.  One tried to steal some equipment from me and I had to go there with a friend of mine to get it back.  One Black pro even told me he didn't try to do business with Black business men anymore.


I don't blame him.  And I totally understand....but!  For me, [well I should talk cuz I really don't get along with anyone except my fella but] I think about the journey of our people....and the many who died and the ones yet to be born...and I can't help but feel some form of responsibility to continue our plight.....despite those who seep with self-hate.   


Personally I think this is a problem with Black men competing with each other.


I agree.  I see it much too often.


Black IT people tend to not be men who competed at sports that tough.  So it seems like some Black men want to get back at us.  It is weird to me but that is what happens.


 Yep.  I agree.  And I don't know why or understand the purpose of making it hard to collaborate like other cultures do.  It's like self-sabbotaging our future. 


 I say educators are in big trouble if parents and children learn how to use them.  The school system is obsolete.


I say you're absoutely correct my brotha.   If the school system as we know it doesn't catch up with what is going currently with this computer "age".....well you already know the story....but!