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is this Stand your Ground too??







Stand Your Ground? 46-Year-Old Sh*οοts 7-Year-Old In the Face

Brian Cloninger

Reported by:  John “Hennry” Harris

A 46-year-old Dallas, TX man, Brian Cloninger, was arrested Tuesday (September 3) night after a shοοting that left a 7-year-old boy in critical condition.

The child, who was identified by family members as Donald Maiden Jr., suffered a gυnshot wound to the face at the La Bella Palms apartment complex in Northeast Dallas.  The child was taken to the Children’s Medical Center in Dallas and Dallas CBS-affiliate 11 News has reported that Maiden is out of surgery in critical but stable condition.

One witness, Justin Yancy, said he saw Maiden with his friends playing the familiar childhood game of “tag”.

“The next thing I know, I heard a loud ‘bang,’ and he ran around the corner with a mouth full of blοοd,” Yancy said.

Witnesses then pointed authorities to a pickup truck that was parked nearby where officers arrested Brian Cloninger for the shοοting and charged with injury to a child.

Maiden’s grandmother said he was playing outside with other children and he ran inside to get some toys and was s**t as he went back outside.


“He hit the ground when the guy s**t him,” said grandmother Sharon Locklin. “Then, he got up and ran to the house and asked his mom for water, and his mom saw all the b***d coming out.”

Shocked and outraged residents are confused as to what may have lead to such unexpected viοlence.

“I’m coming to pick up my son from work and I come back to this. What is going on? They say a kid mouth was s**t off,” said startled neighbor Mae Anderson. “I’m like, who would do this? What bad stuff could he have done for someone to do that to him.”

Cloninger was booked into Lew Sterret Jail on a $2.2 million bond.

Police currently do not have a motive for the shοοting and officials are busy trying to find one.  One of Maiden’s family members said that Cloninger pointed a gυn at the apartment maintenance man earlier on that Tuesday.  Donald Maiden Jr., a third grader, is expected to survive the shοοting and had just celebrated his birthday on Sunday.





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