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Woman Says Officers Beat and Terrorized Her Entire Family Over an Unpaid Civil Fine

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A young woman by the name of Natania Griffin described her experience with the DeKalb County police officers in Georgia as nothing less than “sheer terror”. The officers came to arrest her for not paying a $1,000 civil fine that was only 15 days late, but if you were to only watch the video you would assume the officers were raiding the home of a suspected serial killer.

Officers reportedly burst into Griffin’s home and threatened to stun-gun, beat, and even “cane” the individuals that were inside of the home. The incident was caught on video by Griffin’s 23-year old son, Donovan Hall, and has been gaining plenty of attention for what many feel was an act of police brutality.

According to the video, officers arrived to the home around 1:30 a.m. and began to beat on the door incessantly, the knocks became subsequently more forceful. Also inside the home were Hall’s grandmother, 5-year old sister and 20-year old brother.

Hall called 911 to see why the officers were at their home acting in such a way before he begrudgingly opened the door. The home was instantly stormed by eight officers with a sergeant.  Griffin was arrested immediately, the woman can be heard screaming from fear during the video and can be heard saying, “If I’m dead in the morning, you’ll know why.”

The officers then immediately went after Hall and his younger brother. Hall recounted his disgusting treatment at the hands of officers and says that they used inappropriate language while they were inside the residence, “One officer hit me in the face with his gun and I fell to the floor. Another officer began kicking me and bending back my arms. They put handcuffs on me and continued to kick and punch me. At that point, an officer with his knee in my back stood up and put both feet on top of my head. He was standing on top of my head.”

Officers then began to berate the family, threatening to take them to jail and using expletives towards the two brothers. One officer can be heard saying, “Put cuffs on his big a**. You open the door when I tell you to open the door” and another officer can be heard saying “F*** with me if you want to.”

Griffin also says that officers never asked her who she was to be sure they were arresting the right person and they never read her Miranda Rights. “It was a perfect storm of abusive power and arrogance. They are criminals. Their conduct was criminal.”

Griffin then says that incidents like this probably happen all over, “Although it happened to my family, it’s a microcosm of the world. What about the other countless families who feel powerless against this kind of tyranny? Who is championing their cause? This is a problem.”

What do you think should be done about this incident?