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Diabetic, asthmatic Ashlynn Avery sues after being beaten  and arrested for classroom nap  

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Ashlynn Avery  

Ashlynn Avery, a diabetic  asthmatic with sleep apnoea, was allegedly bashed before being arrested by a  school cop for dozing in class. Source: Facebook


A DIABETIC, asthmatic student with a sleeping disorder was allegedly bashed  then arrested by a school police officer after being caught napping at her desk.    


Ashlynn Avery alleges Officer Christopher Bryant slapped her backpack before  shoving her face-first into a filing cabinet and handcuffing her.

Shortly afterwards, the teen vomited in a police car and had to be taken to  hospital. She had to wear a cast on her arm for a month as a result of her  injuries.

Ms Avery is now suing the city of Alabama, its police department and several  employees at Hoover High School for civil rights violation, battery and  negligent supervision and hiring.

According to her complaint , Ms Avery fell asleep while in a  room reserved for "in-school suspensions" after getting in trouble for cutting  class.

The student, who suffers from diabetes, asthma and sleep apnoea fell asleep  while reading Mark Twain classic Huckleberry Finn.

In response, the school's suspension supervisor, Joshua Whited, allegedly  walked over to Ms Avery's cubicle and struck it, causing the partition to hit  her head, the lawsuit states.

She woke up but soon drifted off again. Whited allegedly then took the book  and threw it back onto her desk - hitting Ms Avery's chest in the process - and  ordered her to leave the room.

It is alleged that Officer Bryant followed Ms Avery, slapped her backpack,  and then "proceeded to shove Ashlynn face first into a file cabinet and handcuff  her".

"Ashlynn required follow-up care to her shoulder, arm, and wrist. Ashlynn  also required extended mental counselling for trauma caused by the defendants,"  the lawsuit stated.

The Averys are seeking "compensatory and punitive damages for civil rights  violations, battery and negligent supervision and hiring".

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