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Reply to "How Did This Young Black Girl Return from a Camping Trip with Severe Rope Burns Around Her Neck?"

"She then felt the rope wrap around her neck from behind, after which she was pulled backward and dragged. Rougely’s daughter also points out that none of her classmates helped her. She said she looked back after removing the rope from her neck to see three white boys who had allegedly been picking on her."


And of course the Camp staff, counselors, guides, etc., just happened to be looking the other way while three boys nearly murder a 12 year old girl.  BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The adults in charge of these children at the camp, and the camp "physician", should have ALL been arrested as soon as police could have gotten to their asses; and at 12 years old all three of the boys who did it should have been arrested.

Can you imagine how hard they had to be trying to choke the life out this little girl for the rope to rub her skin off?  

How in the hell can that "camp" explain not taking this girl to a hospital AND not calling her parents when and because the incident occurred.

And someone needs to go kick this little girl's BLACK parents in the ass for raising her to be completely oblivious to the psychotic racism she is constantly surrounded by in this country.  

I mean, for the little girl, at age 12, to even entertain asking the three psychopaths if they "did it on purpose" [i.e., tried to LYNCH her, as if there was a snowball's chance in hell that they didn't put a rope around her neck, pulling it tight enough to rub her skin off, while dragging her around the ground, lets you know just how much of a fantasy world her parents have raised their BLACK child in, as RACISTS as this country is.