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Reply to "How America Built the Racial Wealth Gap"

If the racial wealth gap is what is so important then why are so many White folks so bad off recently?


The system is designed to screw the majority of non-rich people.  Race is irrelevant. 


This is from 1974.



That book pointed out then that college degrees for everybody was not the answer because supply and demand would just devalue the degrees.  So education was just another scam.


It is so curious that with all of the different ideologies none of them suggest mandatory accounting for EVERYBODY.  This cash flow consumer economy is bullshit.  But companies selling stuff want to avoid market saturation.  Why couldn't all Americans have homes paid for and no one pay rent or mortgages?  But that is no what banks and employers want.


It only makes sense analysed as a wargame where most people are not even supposed to know how to play.  When do Black leaders or educators mention accounting and planned obsolescence?  The White economists don't talk to White folks about the depreciation of all of these cars.  America has invented automobile slavery.  Get some Black women talking about what cars they like.  LOL