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Reply to "House of Representative is like a Plantation..."

Originally posted by sunnubian:
No, Hillary is correct. I think what is being misunderstood is that she is in the comparison the House of Representatives ARE the masters and the masses of American citizens are the slaves.

I totally agree with her, and will go on to say that (as I have said before) that this republican regime IS running America like a plantation;

During slavery, those with money held all the power in this country and disbursed it to whom ever and where ever they chose to, and held it back from whomever they did not want to have it through laws and rules and regulations, and through propaganda and intimidation campaigns.

So, this republican regime (republican dominated congress and supreme court, and state governors, mayors, police, judges, lawyers) ARE the 'massas' and the masses (everybody else) are merely field slaves or house slaves.

I really don't know what else anyone expected or expects from a congress and supreme court that is predominately southern dressed up rednecks or who have either been appointed by one.

You have any proof that this is what she meant? I opined as you did that if she was talking about the Congress relationship with the masses of men and women in America as one of Slave and Master than she is not that far from the truth albeit the analogy still pales in comparison to what our ancestors lived through and that legacy should not be disrespected by equating it with realities far less inhumane.