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Reply to "Hollywood Didn’t Want to Fund ‘Red Tails’ Because It Was All Black"

Originally Posted by Dissident:


Black folk and the Hollywood propaganda machine are talking about coming out to support Red Tails. But where were they when Spike Lee made Miracle at St. Anna?


I wouldn't be so quick to embrace George Lucas. Lucas is the same producer accused of subliminally portraying black charactertures in his movies as buffoons and savages. Lucas knew well in advance whites in Hollywood weren't going to fund this movie, so why the media hype? If black people fail to see what's going on then they're hopeless. 


Lucas's motivation for producing Red Tails isn't fellowship toward African American stories, but a tax write off and kudos points. Lucas knows he has more to gain with a tax write off for Red Tails then investing his own money to produce the film. If a Hollywood elite wants to acheive messiah status there are three things he/she must do:


1. make a movie with a predominately black cast


2. raise social issues effecting Africa


3. adopt a black baby


By all means we should be cautious.  However, this does remind me of the reaction (in the south) to Father Pflager from Chicago.  Many who where unaware quickly took to the idea that he was a "great white hope" that Black people where quick to fall for merely because he's white.  Naturally, people in or from Chicago have a different perspective on his works. 


But I understand the skepticism.