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Reply to "Hollywood Didn’t Want to Fund ‘Red Tails’ Because It Was All Black"

Originally Posted by sunnubian:

Movies and documentaries also serve as a peek into who Black people really are, who African Americans really are, what African Americans have really contributed, what African Americans have really sacrificed, and more importantly, true information about Black people's history in America being distributed throughout the general public validates the sadism, hatred, unfairness, discrimination, and evil that Black people have suffered at the hands of and by the actions of White racists in America.



It always baffles me the number of Black people who complain about and reject the showing of the movies and documentaries that come on during during Black History Month ... because they are being shown during Black History Month!! 


They regard it as "propaganda" .... and, in some ways, it probably is to a certain extent ... since that kind of programming is RARELY if EVER shown during any other time!!


But it is the ONLY time in which true, in-depth, comprehensive stories of our struggles, achievements, sacrifices and perseverance are told in any reality-based way!!  Even the networks - but especially stations like PBS, The History Channel, BET, go out of their way to show real, raw footage, the interviewing of historians, the depictions of our true leaders and scholars (both past and present) and the  recounting of lifetime experiences by still-living elders!!


I don't know if White people watch the shows and documentaries devoted to the true story of the Black experience during the month of February.  But Black people should be transfixed to their TV sets ... with their kids within arms distance ... every day of the month!!!


We can be mad that it's mostly White people producing these shows ... but ONE month of REAL history is better than the around-the-clock, year-round showing of "Flavor of Love" and "T.I. & Tiny" that a lot of Black people are riveted to these days.