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Reply to "Hollywood Didn’t Want to Fund ‘Red Tails’ Because It Was All Black"

Originally Posted by EbonyRose:

Mannnnnnnnnnn ..... you are SO right about THAT, Ms. Koco!!!


And it's not JUST about (Black) movies or stories about us that Black folks don't/won't support each other in ..... I'm still trying to think of a subject matter where we are willing to "come together for each other" .... and support something that has to do with - and is good for - us. 


You let some tacky-ass, bleeped-out, scandalous, back-stabbing, 'baffoonis'h-type "reality show" come on TV and Blackfolks will get speeding tickets and knock each other down to be in front of the tube to watch it!!!  But a good, historic, enlightening story about iconic Black achievement, bravery or greatness?? 


They'd rather have their wisdom teeth pulled out with a pair of rusty pliers. 


We will NEVER get our stories told if we wait about for Black people to tell 'em.  It may have taken a White man 25 years and his OWN money to produce thisBLACK film.  But at least SOMEBODY did it!!  When a whole lot of other "somebodys" DID NOT!!! 



I just came back from the movie cineplex and Yes, I checked my ticket stub.  Just wanted to give proof.  Now, that I got that out of the way, who's gonna see it next?  I'm gonna see it again, just to let you all know.  It was MILES ahead better than the HBO version.  Not that HBO's film was bad, but there's a big difference between a movie made for $2 million and movie made for $93 million.  I've said it before many times: if you're doing something legit and you're not killing anyone and not breaking into somebody's car or house, I'm gonna support you.  I don't care what color the director/producer involved, as long as out stories are told (or shown) as brilliant as possible.  I don't wanna hear any BS from ANY of us saying, "well I can't relate to it, so I'm not gonna see it." Hell, I know a lot of black folks who watched "Shrek," and not a single one of them either lived in a swamp or owned a talking donkey.  They didn't have "relate" to Shrek to watch Shrek.  No more excuses.   Tyler Perry and Spike Lee can't direct all of our films.  We can make the movies, the thing is "WILL WE SUPPORT THEM?"  Either we do it, or we don't.  Just don't make any crappy films, that's all I ask.  If you do support them, then let's take it to the top.  If you don't want to support, then that's your choice...


HOWEVER, if your ignorant behind have the nerve to open your mouth about why there's so many films of "Madea Goes To Mardi Gras" or "Big Momma's Outhouse,"  and you refuse to see any alternative films, because you "can't relate" to it, then sit your dumbass in the corner, put your crab claws in your pockets and STFU.  Don't drag us into your backward ass abyss; be ignorant all by yourself.



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